American Indian Changing Spirits, Mission is to provide culturally relevant, community-based outreach and education, with evidence-based recovery programing focused on American Indians who suffer from drug & alcohol addiction and/or dependency.


Our vision is to create an environment where American Indians can lead balanced, healthy, productive and happy lives.

About Us

American Indian  Changing Spirits is a  Residential Recovery Program targeting American Indian men and women who suffer from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

American Indian  Changing Spirits is a non-profit program that does not discriminate and does not deny services based on race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or the ability to pay. A residency is expected to fully benefit from services provided by American Indian Changing Spirits.

Individuals with convictions or pending sentencing for domestic violence/violent crimes will be referred to an appropriate agency.

A minimum of 72 hours without using alcohol or other drugs is required before entering the program. Persons wishing to become participants are requested to bring TB test results not older than six months.

The program is a 24-hour in house structured program. The program provides residential recovery services in an alcohol and drug-free facility. Physical exercise is an everyday program activity and residents who are physically able are required to participate.

Residents of the American Indian Changing Spirits Alcohol and Drug Residential Recovery Program participate in a wide array of services designed to support recovery. These services include...Resident rooms are shared with other residents and each is provided with a bed and small storage space for clothing and personal items. Do not bring excess items.

  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Resident Council
  • One on One Counseling
  • Recreation and Social Activities
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Anger Management
  • 12-Step Groups
  • Cultural Activities

The facility lounge provides a communal leisure space for the residents and also serves as the program education and group room.

Residents are assigned a case manager upon completion of all intake forms. Program staff orientates residents to the program services, orientation to the facility structure, and introductions to staff and fellow residents.

American Indian  Changing Spirits is a dynamic culturally relevant alcohol and drug program that participates in outside cultural and community events.

You will need to bring a valid Picture Identification (Drivers license, State Issued Identification Card, Pictured Tribal Identification, etc.), and a Social Security Card.

Tongva Peoples & Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land on which we are gathered here today is the home and traditional land belonging to the Tongva Nation. Today we come with respect and gratitude for the Tongva people who still consider themselves the caretakers of this land. It is through their examples that we are reminded of our greater responsibility to take care of Mother Earth and to take care of each other.

- Jimi Castillo, Tongva/Acjachemen

                                                                   Honoring Uncle Jimi

James (Jimi) Castillo, a Tongva/Acjachemen Pipe Carrier and Sun Dancer, was a proud member of the Statewide Bear Clan Society and a Marine Corps veteran (1960 to 1965) having served in the Vietnam War for which he received the Warriors Medal of Valor. For several decades, he served Native youth in California Prisons. Working as Native American Spiritual Leader for the California Youth Authority, he led sweat lodge ceremonies for imprisoned Native American youth creating a space to ease tensions, practice equality, and resolve gang differences. Jimi and his wife, Jeanette Castillo, are well known on the Southern California pow wow trail, as he was often called upon to act as spiritual leader. We knew Jimi Castillo as “Uncle Jimi”, where he supported American Indian Changing Spirits providing sweat lodge and talking circle ceremonies for our residents as well as acting as Spiritual Leader. The Creator called Uncle Jimi home on April 22 nd , 2023, and his legacy will be carried on in tradition and in the recoveries of those he so tirelessly served.





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